Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Rant #2

The Last Stand bombs... Broken City bombs! Well that didn't take long. 2013 has begun and we have our first box office duds. It's unfortunate for The Last Stand because reviews were not terrible, but the movie trailer was. Johnny Knoxville is NOT who you want in a movie anymore.. and I guess neither is Arnold. Oh well, at least it will be on Blu-ray in a couple of weeks. :)

JJ Abrahams, Paramount, and Bad Robot have bought the rights to Cycle of Lies: Lance Armstrong Biopic. I don't think he even had finished his interview with Oprah yet and the deal was done. Here is the problem I have with that. The man still isn't done lying!!!! Did they buy the rights knowing they could have a possible sequel?? Who in their right minds will want to watch this garbage? This is a lifetime movie, or CBS movie of the week... not Hollywood!! Ugggh!! Maybe we can get John Mayer to play him in the movie.. he's a big slime ball too. 

Brain DePalma, and Al Pacino are set to do a Biopic on Joe Paterno. The working title for this film is called Happy Valley.
SMH!! If any are relatively new to the social networking world we live in, SMH stands for Shaking My Head. The forums out there were running wild with jokes, and theories on who might play Jerry Sandusky, the man who sexually abused 10 children (that we know of) and is sentenced to life in prison. 
Is this Hollywood's lack of creativity screaming out again? Are studio execs saying... screw it, let's have a week of choosing to make films about low down, no good, sleeze-bag filths??!!
Pacino and DePalma are notorious for their Scarface film. 
Ok, c'mon.. it's ok, let it out... you know you wanna say it... all together now, "Say Hello To My Little Friend". I'm wondering if Sandusky's character will have that line in the movie? 

Well, overall it was a quiet week for my rants. I'm still pissed about Ben Affleck not being nominated for Best Director. I am also pissed off that Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't nominated for Django Unchained. The Academy members are idiots, always have been. Who votes for The Best Years of Our Lives over It's a Wonderful Life???? SMH! Do you know where It's a Wonderful Life is ranked on AFI top 100 films of all time? It's 20!! Do you know where The Best Years of Our Lives is? It's not on the list!! Enough Said. However, I am going to finally break my vow. I am going to watch the damn film this week for the first time. Tune in next week and you can hear me rant more about this. 

-Jason Traylor
-Editor SS77

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